Facelift Procedure to make your face even more beautiful book your appointment with tour2india4health

Facelift Procedure to make your face even more beautiful book your appointment with tour2india4health

Who is a good candidate for facelift surgery?

Facelift surgery India is popular among both men and women and this can be used to erase the signs of ageing such as saggy skin and wrinkles. Most people who have this surgery are over 40 although the surgery is done on younger people if they are suitable. Though the procedure is relatively simple not everyone is suitable for a facelift. A good candidate for facelift surgery will have good skin elasticity, a strong bone structure and loose skin on their face or neck. Get a consultation for low cost facelift surgery India with a qualified face-lift surgeon in India to know if this procedure is suitable for you.

Types of Facelift surgery:

  • Lower face and neck lift is a procedure done to target the lower third of the face including the jowls and upper neck area. While the underlying structures are tightened and the excess skin is removed.
  • Upper facelift is a procedure designed to target the upper half of the face most notably the cheeks all the way to the jowls.
  • Full facelift is a procedure in which the facial skin around the entire face is tightened. Also a neck lift is done at the same time to provide matching facial and neck results.
  • Suture neck lift involves reshaping the neck skin for a more youthful contour without skin removal.
  • Classic neck lift is a produce with primary goal to remove the excess, sagging skin from the neck region and re-establishing the sharp neck contour.
  • Lower face and neck is a procedure done to improve the look of sagging in the lower half of the face and the neck.
  • The S-lift is a procedure that works well for the patients with sagging along the jaw line and the top half of the neck.

Advantage of Facelift Surgery:

  • Firmer, tighter and fresh looking skin which will give you a younger looking appearance
  • Any wrinkles and the effects of exposure to the sun and wind have disappeared
  • The results can last for up to ten years
  • Improved facial contour
  • An intangible benefits will boost your self-esteem
  • Rejuvenates the face of older people
  • Treats the problem areas present in the lower facial regions such as the neck and jowls most effectively
  • Shows a visibly pleasing age-reducing effects
  • Reduces the deep creases between mouth and nose
  • Elevate drooping cheeksfacelift1

Why travel to India for surgery?


At Tour2India4Health we offer low cost facelift surgery India compared to any other developed countries in the world. Check the cost-comparison table below:

Procedure USA ($) UK ($) India ($)
Extensive Face Lift 20,000 18,000 3,000
Rhinoplasty 9,000 7,500 2,000






Best surgeons and hospitals:

The best surgeons and hospitals in India for facelift surgery offer the state of the art tertiary level care and techniques for maintaining, restoring or enhancing the appearances.

Tour2India4Health group makes medical treatment easy:

Tour2India4Health group is a #1 medical value provider in India making your medical treatment easy.

Our group provides the following services for the patients from offshore seeking the low cost facelifts surgery India:

  • Complete assistance with medical visas, appointment with doctor, accommodation, etc.
  • Contact and communication with the doctors and surgeons in India
  • Pre-operative planning
  • Scheduling and follow-up for the post-operative care
  • Payment arrangements, assistance with flight ticket bookings, foreign exchange facility, language translators, etc.
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Low cost facelift surgery India that suits your budget

Send us a confidential enquiry by contacting us on our Email ID: enquiry@tour2india4health.com or Call Us at +91-9371136499, +91-9860755000  for the low cost facelift surgery India from our highly experienced team of plastic and cosmetic surgeons.

To know more about Facelift Surgery India visit out Website: http://www.tour2india4health.com/


2 thoughts on “Facelift Procedure to make your face even more beautiful book your appointment with tour2india4health

  1. I am Hellen Solarin my cousin last year visited India for her Facelift surgery. Thanks to Tour2india4health that she was kept out from the hustle and didn’t faced any discomfort. They helped her with best services from the nurses to best surgeons and the medical staff. Everything was taken care by the team members of the hospital and was comfortable in the hospital during her surgery and recovering Period. Big thanks once again Tour2india4Health Consultants.


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