Get Online consultation about Disorders Treated by Stem Cell Therapy in India

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  What is stem cell therapy?

Stem cell therapy in India is done by highly qualified and skilled doctors and surgeons in India. Our stem cell therapy centers have state of the art equipments which increases the success rate for the stem cell therapy India. Tour2India4Health is a leading medical value provider in India offering assistance to you to get online consultation about disorders treated with low cost stem cell therapy in India. We take utmost care to arrange your entire medical trip so that you reap the stem cell therapy benefits India.


Disorders treated by Stem cell:

  • Autism spectrum disorders:

The stem cell therapy accompanied with other intervention helps to improve the condition of the patient with autism. The stem cell helps restoring the nerve cells function and angiogenesis process helps restoring the blood vessels that in turn help supplying the oxygen to the damaged tissues. The paracrine activities or growth factors released from the stem cells enable the cell differentiation and immunomodulation. The stem cells enable congintive awareness, better language and communication skills, sensory perception and social/behaviour skills due to neural regeneration and better immune responses.

  • Spinal Cord Injury and Paraplegia:

Stem cells have been used for therapy for spinal cord injuries since 2005. All different types of patients whether with complete or incomplete injuries and injuries at a variety of spinal regions have been treated. Patients can experience improvements in strength, movement, control limb, bladder and bowel, sensation and even the ability to sweat. They also experience improvements in the expansion and intensity of sensation even while suffering from very severe injuries to the spinal column.

  • Neurological disorders due to hypoxic brain damage Procedures:

The stem cells transplantation into the affected region might be beneficial in certain circumstances wherein the damage isn’t severe and has occurred relatively recently. The neural stem cell implantation purpose tries to restore the signal functions with comparable properties. In case of TBI, numerous cell kinds such as glial, endothelial, neuronal, vascular, etc. are needed to regenerate the complex functions of the largely damaged region.

  • Alzheimer’s:

Tour2India4Health Group provides stem cell therapy for Alzheimer’s to help those with the unmet clinical needs to achieve the optimum health and better quality of life. It may help the patient’s who do not respond to the typical drug treatments, are looking to try the stem cell therapy before starting the drug treatment or want to reduce their reliance on medication.

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Plan your stem cell with Tour2India4Health:

Tour2India4Health has been established with the aim to assist the international patients to plan their low cost stem cell therapy in India. Our group has been working hard to maintain itself as the topmost professional medical tourism providers in India. Our network of world-renowned medical facilities is located across various cities in India and we have the resources to offer you the stem cell therapy benefits India include the finest treatments with speedy recovery. At Tour2India4Health Consultants, we have always believes and practiced providing our patients with the best stem cell therapy in India and hence offer a second chance to live a more better and normal life. Our team has been serving the global patients the most convenient measures of healthcare services thus ensure to provide you with a fruitful experience throughout your medical trip to India.

We offer the following services:

  • Assistance with medical visas
  • Stay at the hospital in a deluxe room including the patient and their care taker accommodation
  • Airport pick up and drop facility via car or ambulance
  • Pre-operative investigations are needed such as MRI/PET CT scans, EMG & NCV and blood tests
  • A comprehensive rehabilitation program including the occupational therapy, physiotherapy, psychological counselling, speech therapy, sexual rehabilitation, genitourinary rehabilitation
  • Complete assistance for stem cell therapy benefits India
  • Nursing care
  • Specialty consultations during the stay
  • All types of payment modes including cash, wire transfers, etc.
  • Low cost stem cell therapy in India
  • Health foods for the patient

Get online consultation at Email Id: or call us at +91- 9371136499, +91- 9860755000 and our patient coordinators will get back to you for further interaction.



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