What is knee replacement surgery cost in rupees?



Knee replacement surgery is a treatment for chronic disease condition of the knee joint. There are different ways to perform knee replacement surgery like; partial knee replacement surgery and total knee replacement surgery. Partial knee replacement is performed to correct only the damaged area of the knee joint. Total knee replacement surgery is performed to correct the entire knee joint. The total knee replacement surgery removes the damaged cartilage and bone and replaces it with prosthesis. The prosthesis is made up of metal and plastic components. The type of replacement surgery depends upon the diseased knee joint. One can get the best treatment for knee replacement surgery in India at affordable cost. Plan your Knee replacement surgery cost in rupees and enjoy the benefit of knee replacement surgery in India.

About the surgical procedure:

There are two ways to perform knee replacement surgery below are the detailed description about the surgery and its procedures.

  • Partial knee replacement surgery: partial knee replacement surgery removes only the damaged portion of the knee joint. Some parts of the knee is removed and replaced in this surgery, the parts that are removed are damaged ligaments and cartilage. The patient having uni-compartmental knee arthritis suffers from cartilage degeneration at only one compartment or section of the knee joint. Partial knee replacement helps to correct this type of disease condition of the knee by surgically removing the damaged part of the knee and replacing it with artificial implant.
  • Total knee replacement surgery: total knee replacement surgery is considered as the major surgery and requires proper hospitalization. The surgery takes at least 1 to 2 hours to completely perform the procedure. The diseased cartilage and bone from the knee joint is removed and then the surgeon attaches metal implants at the ends of calf bones and the thigh bone. Plastic spacer is inserted between the metal pieces that help the new joints to move smoothly.
  • Knee replacement surgery is also known as arthroplasty. It is a surgical procedure to resurface a damaged arthritic knee. Plastic and metal parts are used to cap the two ends of the knee joint with the kneecap. This is the best surgical treatment for patients suffering from severe to moderate arthritis or had a knee injury.
  • The artificial knee is made up of alloys of cobalt-chromium and titanium. The surface of the artificial knee is made up of high-grade, wear-resistant plastic. Worldwide metal-plastic bearing combination is the most common type of knee replacement implants.

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