Medical Student from Nigeria Shares her Mother’s Experience of Hip Replacement Surgery in India

Medical Student from Nigeria Shares her Mother’s Experience of Hip Replacement Surgery in India

Ms. Diola Akide is an MBBS student pursuing her studies from the Caribbean West Indies. She is from Nigeria and came to India along with her mother who needed to undergo Hip Replacement Surgery.

“Two years ago, my mother had affected a problem with her left hips that caused her severe pain and this also affected her sleep. We were running up and down for her checkup and found that she has necrosis of femur. We went online and searched for the hip replacement surgery. While searching, we came across the medical travel partner in India that offered hip replacement surgery at relatively lower prices. They provided excellent medical assistance for various surgeries and after having gone through few testimonials of the patients, we contacted them by placing our query.

In a span of two-three days they called us and asked more details about my mother’s condition. After having a substantial discussion with them, they offered us three options for getting my mother’s surgery: New Delhi, Nagpur and Mumbai. They also mailed us the details of the doctors and their experience. We found that he was exceptionally good at performing the hip and knee replacement surgery and so we decided to go for the surgery in Nagpur. I also went to YouTube and have seen some videos of the patients who had previously undergone this surgery and they have been able to play table tennis and football and some patients who were 50 years and above were perfectly doing well. We decided to visit Nagpur, India, which was better compared to the expenses of surgery compared to the other two options.

We reached Nagpur and my mom underwent the surgery. Her surgery was successful and by three to five days my mom was able to walk properly without the crutches and she wasn’t limping anymore. It’s been a wonderful experience in Nagpur, India. The hospital environment has been really nice. If you want to come for hip replacement surgery then I would advise you to visit India, where you have so many doctors and you’ll be perfectly fine. The expense of the hip replacement in India when compared to Nigeria is very cheap with fantastic hospitality and care for the patient. I will suggest anyone looking for any kind of surgery or treatment to choose Nagpur, India.”

Thank You,

Diola Akide,



3 thoughts on “Medical Student from Nigeria Shares her Mother’s Experience of Hip Replacement Surgery in India

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