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In the modern medical sciences, the modern hip replacement is called as Hip Arthoplasty, which was developed by the man called Sir John Charnely in the sixties. The ball is seen to have a metal stem which is governed over the hollow space over the femur bone along with bone cement. Here the worn out sockets are then replaced using the plastic socket. This procedure is an effective option in resolving a number of symptoms and other issues carried out over the prescribed amount of time duration. India has the legacy of having treated the world with one of the best and holistic healthcare treatment options like Ayurveda, which has now being continued further with the modern day treatment options. With state of art healthcare infrastructure to having one of the best Orthopedic Surgeons and Hip Replacement Surgery in India, the country has come a long way in catering global patients from different nations including Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan and other African nations.

What is Hip Replacement Surgery & Who are Orthopedic Surgeons?


Hip replacement happens to be a surgical procedure wherein the hip joints are replaced with the prosthetic implant. The surgery helps in relieving the hip pain, which can be seen due to the reasons like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, aseptic bone necrosis and fracture.  At times, these conditions can improve, however, there is hardly any cure that come along with the joint pain that are seen in the severe cases, which failed to get managed with medication and rehab. When you find this happening, some patients can face have difficulty in doing things like waking and other usual day to day activities then keep in mind that you need Orthopedic Surgeons and Hip Replacement Surgery in India.

The Candidate for Hip Replacement Surgery


When it comes to hip replacement surgery, you need to suffice certain conditions in order to become eligible to avail the services of best Orthopedic Surgeons India and Hip Replacement Surgery in India. These can be clubbed in the following ways:

  • Uncontrolled high blood pressure
  • Overall health in a poor state
  • Heart ailments and disability
  • Urinary infections
  • Infections from issues like implant material

Benefit of Hip Replacement Surgery


When it comes to approaching the Orthopedic Surgeons and Hip Replacement Surgery in India, one can find load of benefits, some of them can be jotted down as under:

  • Effective Treatment: When it comes to hip replacement surgery, it is known as an effective treatment option for conditions like osteoarthritis for number of patients throughout the world.
  • Complete Hip Pain Reduction: With some amount of surgery-related discomfort, one can expect that your hip pain will be both reduced and you get the liberty from different pain.
  • Restore Your Lost Mobility: As you find the hip pain subsidizing, your legs can become very much strong with the increased use. This simply means you end up getting better mobility, less amount of fatigue and easier movements.
  • Reliable Surgery: The hip replacement surgery can be called as the most reliable and well-tested procedures and can have a consistent result, which simply reduces the arthritis pain in patients.
  • Improve the Overall Quality of Life: With fewer amounts of pain and greater mobility, the patient can easily perform the day to day tasks with great ease and greater activity and more independent life.
  • High Rate of Patient Satisfaction: With the surgery, the high rate of patient satisfaction has made this surgery very much popular among the hospitals, surgeons and patients.

Why Choose Hip Replacement Surgery in India?

Why Choose Hip Replacement Surgery in India?

When it comes to relying over the Orthopedic Surgeons and Hip Replacement Surgery in India, the global patients from African nations like Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan and Ghana have three basic reasons to go with. The Indian hospitals have the expertise and state of art technology facilities, which given them the best result and affordable solutions for your treatment.  The global patients that come from Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan and other nations from Africa, Middle East, USA, UK and Australia feel at home with the most professional and competitive kind of medical team, which is well versed with its work and English speaking crowd.

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