Computer Teacher from Nigeria Visits India for His Son’s Hypospadias (Children) Surgery

Computer Teacher from Nigeria Visits India for His Son’s Hypospadias (Children) Surgery

Master Emem Timaya was 8 months old when he travelled with his parents from Nigeria to India for hypospadias surgery. His father, Mr. Ogbona Timaya had written to us about their experience during their medical visit to India. “When I was told that my baby had hypospadias at the time of his birth, I was very worried. I started searching for the treatment, but couldn’t find a specialist in my native country.  I went online searching for quality treatment options and came across a leading healthcare consultant in India.

I filled up a free consultation form and got a response from them immediately. An executive explained us about the treatment and also asked us the reports so that they can go through it and provide appropriate medical opinions. Within a few days we got a mail from them containing the details of the surgery, surgeons, hospitals and costs. After discussing with the executive over the phone and emails, we decided to go forward with the surgeon having ample experience and so gave them our confirmation to fly down to India for Emem’s surgery. My wife also came along with us. They also helped us with the medical visas, food, travel and accommodation arrangements for our medical trip to India.

At the airport, we were received by their executive who took us to a five star hotel. The hotel was elegant and the room was clean. The next day we were taken to the hospital, where we met the surgeon. He was a gentleman who made us feel comfortable and cleared all our worries and anxieties before the hypospadias surgery India. He again explained us what to expect before and after this surgery. The surgery was done in a professional way and it was successful with no issues.

It was amazing, that my son did not have any pain and stayed at the hospital for two weeks for the betterment. Me and my wife have very good memories, especially with the surgeon and his staff, they were really outstanding and compassionate. Now, my little angel is doing very well after the surgery with no issues and we have overcome all the tensions and worries we had in the past. I want to thank your healthcare consultants for assisting us get an appointment fixed at such reasonable rates.”

Mr. Ogbona Timaya,



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