Affordable Stem Cell Therapy in India for Stroke Patients Coming from Middle East Country


Stroke pain

The idea of stem cell therapy has been an old phenomenon, which has become better and effective with the passage of time. For those who do not know that about stem cell therapy, let’s have a recap about the same. If you talk about the stem cell therapy, it can be regarded as the treatment option that is meant to fix a number of ailments along with a numbers of non- serious and life threatening options employing the stem cells. The stem cells can be made available from different sources and places and are then used to treat more than 80 different disorders and ailments. These include the neuromuscular and degenerative diseases. The Degenerative ailments can often be seen only when there is a degeneration or wear and tear of body part like the muscles, bones, and cartilages along with the other issues. The stem cell therapy in India has been a popular option for the global patients from Middle East nations like UAE or Saudi Arab since they know they get high quality services at much of the affordable cost with it.

How Stem Cell Therapy Can Help the Sick People

One of the ways the stem cell therapy for stroke in India can help people is fixing a large number of health conditions. These are common degenerative ailments like diabetes, osteoarthritis, chronic renal failure, Alzheimer disease and congestive cardiac failure. The availability of conventional treatment options though differ a lot from the stem cell therapy but the latter is more effective as compared to the traditional ones.. Let’s compare the two. The conventional treatment option can fix a number of medical ailments but if you are talking about the conventional methods of fixing these ailments then stem therapy proves out to be the best and beneficial in many ways. Thanks to the certain unique and interesting kind of features of the stem cells that make things simple and effective. The treatment option can be called as a safe and quick fix option and can be fixed in just one or two days. Yet you can find the result of the therapy to be much better than the ineffective traditional therapies. Interestingly stem cell therapies can employ a wide range of sources including umbilical cord  and bone marrow for successfully treating a wide range of life risky having competitive results.

Stem Cell Therapy Cost for Stroke in India

Stem Cell Therapy Cost for Stroke in India

If you talk about the cost of stem cell therapy in India, it is extremely affordable and come along with high quality. That’s been the epitome of Indian hospitals and medical centres. The fact is the total cost in the US is 70 to 80 percent higher when compared to the ones found in the East in countries like India. A simple comparison can make you understand the difference a lot. As per reports, the cost of stem cell therapies can cost you around 12,000 USD in India, while the same procedure for any ailment seeking stem cell therapy can cost you around 48,000 US dollars in the US and the same thing in the UK can cost you around 30,000 in US Dollars.  And if you compare the same with the countries in the East like Singapore the cost can toll to around 22,000 USD. So, in many ways the country has much less to offer.

Why Stem Cell Therapy Affordable Cost in India?

As per the group called the ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) the stem cell therapy in India comes out to be very much affordable and with high quality. The availability of best doctors and experts dealing with the stem cell therapy are highly competitive in terms of services and expertise, which give enough reasons to the people abroad from Middle East nations like Iran, Iraq or any other nations in Middle East to access the same in this country.

All you need to do is send us your detailed medical history, relevant test reports and we will provide assistance to initiate the formal process of consultation with our doctors. They will ascertain your eligibility to undergo the stem cell therapy. Get in touch with us by filling up our free consultation form on our website.

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2 thoughts on “Affordable Stem Cell Therapy in India for Stroke Patients Coming from Middle East Country

  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Last 2 month my brother suffering stroke problem, Currently i’m consulting with Dr. but no result coming.Please help me and guide what is best stem cell therapy centre for my brother in India and how much cost for it.I am waiting for your reply…

    Thanking You,
    Okoro Anita, Sudan


    1. Dear Okoro Anita,

      Tour2India4Health consultant provide low cost benefits of stem cell therapy stroke for patients in India. Cost of stem cell therapy for stroke $12,000 is a very cheap as compare to other nation because Tour2India4Health is best place for stem cell therapy in India.

      If you have any query regarding to stem cell therapy, cost, hospital you can direct call On – +919860755000

      Thanks and Regards
      Tour2India4Health Team


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