Interior Designer from the USA Gets Facelift, Neck lift and Blepharoplasty in India

Andrea Parks, US

Hello, I am Andrea Parks, an Interior Designer from the US. I came to India for my face lift, neck lift and my upper eyelid surgery. For a while I have been searching for a viable solution to improve my look, but was nervous after reading about the various positive and negative feedback on the internet. My friend suggested contacting a reputed healthcare group in India and so I browsed through their website and send them my query. They immediately reverted back with a phone call and after the exchange of information and queries with the executive on the phone call. She explained me about the entire process to travel to India for the face, neck and blepharoplasty. She also sent me some before after pictures of the patients who got their procedures done in India; I was impressed with these and got the procedure date confirmed with them. The healthcare group in India arranged my appointment with a board certified and well-trained plastic surgeon. Thanks to the prompt action of the healthcare group in India – Tour2India4Health Company, I didn’t have to face any delay in getting my appointment date from my Indian surgeon. My friend accompanied me during my trip to India.

After we arrived in India, we met my surgeon and he explained me about the benefits of getting the advanced face, neck lift and blepharoplasty both under local. He told me that I will be hassle free from double anesthesia, costs and recovery time as well.

I am thankful to the Indian healthcare group for arranging my cosmetic surgery at special discount package. They acted so kindly and sent his medical team to pick me up at the airport and I was then taken to a highly advanced private hospital in India. They took care of all our needs related to lodging, food and clothing during my stay in India.

The hospital in India was very nice and the environment was good. The hospital staff was very compassionate and took care of me every well. It is too early to speak about the outcome, but I am already feeling better makeover for myself. I would like to mention special thanks to the entire team of the Indian healthcare group for providing better medical facilities and services at reasonable costs. I am happy for my decision to get my face lift, neck lift and blepharoplasty in India through this healthcare group.

Thank You,

Andrea Parks,



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