Mechanical Engineer from the UK Undergoes Hair Transplant in India

Mr. John-UK

Hi, my name is Martin, a mechanical engineer in the UK. I was in my early 30s when I noticed that my hair began to thin out on top. It seemed as if it was happening overnight, but it wasn’t the case actually. This came as a shock to me, although my family has some cases of baldness and so it seemed as if there’s no way I could avoid it. During the next few years my hair thinning problem continued, but a very slow rate. Honestly, I was the only one that noticed the problem, but it wasn’t something I was extremely conscience about. I would not go outside the door without first checking to ensure that nothing was visible. In 2013, I started researching online about the hair transplant procedures and came to know about this medical travel partner from one of my friends who had done it in India about eight months ago. He gave me the details about the medical travel partner offering low cost hair transplant in India.

I also did some research to get more details about the hair transplant, its cost, the quality of facilities and hospitals in India. Convinced with the high standard treatments and procedures offered in India at such lower prices, I contacted the medical travel partner and the executive at the other end of the phone answered my all my queries. I got an appointment fixed with them. My hair transplant procedure went really well. The services were excellent, all the people everyone I met during my hair transplant procedure in India were kind.

I am very much happy with the results after my hair transplant procedure in India. Its been an amazing journey for me and my friends and family back in the UK are pretty much surprised as well. I don’t want to miss my point when it comes to recommending this healthcare consultant – Tour2India4Health for getting your hair transplant procedure arranged in India. After the completion of this procedure, they had arranged a mini vacation in Goa. The whole experience was awesome for me; I didn’t have to actually do anything because the medical travel partner arranged everything for my hair transplant in India. I have regained  back my self-esteem and confidence thank you so much for your support. You are really doing an amazing job. God Bless!

Thank You,

Mr. Martin, Holland UK


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