Urology Surgery in India – Our Medical Consultant Visit UAE this April

Urology Surgery in India

Urinary System disease and medical conditions or medically termed as urology disorders is a division of medicine targeting on medical problems and surgical treatment options for the disorder affecting female and male urinary tract. In India you will get the best medical facilities and the best urology surgeons who can offer you the best surgical treatment in order to retain normal functioning of the urinary tract. In India every year many cases of urology surgery are successfully treated. Every year expert urology consultant associate with us visit different nations and organized medical camps and offers primary consultation to individuals. This year our expert urology consultant are visiting UAE in the month of April and organizing a camp for consultation. Here are few of the subdivision of urology which needs expert consultation and treatment as early as possible.


This sub-division basically deals with the urinary tract’s closed manipulation; this field has recently developed and offers minimally invasive surgeries. As the urinary tract is easily accessible from the urethra, transurethral surgery is become the milestone of Endo-urology medical condition.

Urologic Oncology

This division is majorly focused on the surgical procedures for cancerous genitourinary disorder which includes cancer for various body parts includes testicales, prostate, adrenal glands, penis, ureters& bladder, and kidney. These surgeries are managed by oncologists and urologists based on the treatment option.

Pediatric Urology

This division of urology deals with the urologic diseases among adolescents and children of age below 15 years. The most common type of pediatric urology medical conditions involves the congenital abnormalities of genitourinary tract, enuresis, vesicoureteral reflux, un-descended testicles (cryptorchidism) and under-developed genitalia which is generally an endrocrinological issues which leads to problems like delay in growth and puberty. In this camp there are few urology experts those have specialization in pediatric urology and offering consultation for all the above mentioned disorders which are affecting children of age below 15 years.

Urology Surgery in India

Reconstructive Urology

This is the other sub-division of urology surgery which needs specialization because in this restoration of the function and structure of the genitourinary tract. The reconstructive urology becomes the necessary procedures for several disorders like obstruction, full or partial hysterectomy, disease, trauma, prostate procedures and sometime childbirth also can need the surgery. Some of the organs like urinary bladder, ureters and genitalia.

Female Urology

This division of urology is specifically deals with the issues like urinary incontinence, overactive bladder and prolapsed pelvic organs. These disorders are related to female, then the specialist dealing with this kind of issued must have extensive knowledge of female pelvic floor in addition to intimate information about pathology and physiology to diagnose and to suggest the best treatment option. The treatment options suggested by the female urologists are based on the problems faced by the individuals.

Common Urology Conditions & Treatment

Some of the most usual medical conditions which our expert visiting consultants are going to provide consultant in the camp in this April in UAE are overactive bladder, bladder cancer, hematuria (blood in urine), prolapsed bladder, painful bladder syndrome, prostate gland sweeling. And based on the diagnosis of the above urology conditions, different treatment options based on individual’s case can be suggested by our expert urology consultant during this camp like reconstructive urology, pediatric urology, kidney stone medicines, bladder infection treatments and UTI treatment which includes male incontinence and fecal.

urology surgery

Some of the added benefits of this Camp in UAE

With this camp you can get cheapest urology surgery options at the best hospitals in India. You will get 24*7 expert assistance from the associated urology surgeons in India. You will be offered a high-quality, transparent, seamless, hassle-free and affordable extensive range of surgical solutions for all kinds of urology medical conditions.


2 thoughts on “Urology Surgery in India – Our Medical Consultant Visit UAE this April

  1. Hello Sir/Mam,

    I think, I am suffering urology problem and i want to consult for my treatment with the best urologist in India.I want to balancing my family. Please give me reply as early as possible because ready to fly for my surgery via medical trip.

    Sultan Hameedi, UAE


    1. Hello Mr.Sultan Hameedi

      India is the most preferred health tourism destination as it provides best urology surgery hospital in India for national and international medical tourists. If you are looking solving urology problem with our company please direct call on +919325887033 or send a query – enquiry@tour2india4health.com our consultant contact u soon.

      Thanks and Regards
      Tour2India4Health Consultant


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